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Umm... because my stepdad was molesting me, and I really could not tell anybody because he told me I would be taken away by child services and it would happen to my little sisters – I didn’t know I wasn’t his kid. At the time, I thought he was my real dad, so I thought it would really happen. He actually use to have people come over and pay him to, you know fuck me as a kid – do you know what I mean?


Also, I must beg you not to cause any harm or trouble to us. I suggested that you should not come in shacks arouAnnd here, if girls in those shacks knew your intention, they would dob on to Madam, you should have not been allowed to come in any shacks around here.

AnhBy the River

Narh not at all – I mean, I do a bit of coke here and there. I don’t even forgive him because he’s my brother, but like umm, I hate him with a passion, but I accept it happened, and you can’t move on unless you put it behind you.